Monday, February 25, 2008

Another bit of rather silly Philosphy........

I am a Catholic. Not a "Good" Catholic, but rather more akin to the first two definitions that pop up in the Dictionary.......

cath·o·lic (kăth'ə-lĭk, kăth'lĭk)

1) Of broad or liberal scope; comprehensive: “The 100-odd pages of formulas and constants are surely the most catholic to be found” (Scientific American).

2) Including or concerning all humankind; universal: “what was of catholic rather than national interest” (J.A. Froude).

Wow.....deep without really trying, eh? My Father, the Sar'Major was a Catholic. My Mother was a "sorta" Grandfather always impressed me as a Mystic.

"Religion" was never a major part of my life as a child.....excepting that....heh, my parents had Five children.......ANY....and I think I really mean ANY ....excuse to get the kids the heck out of the house.

I went, along with my Best Friend to Catachism class on Wednesday evenings.....then we waited outside on Sunday mornings for the Baptist Sunday School bus........confusing?

Hey, looking back on it, I kinda figure that was the only time Momma and the Sar'Major had to......uhhhh, well you know......uhhh....HEY, they had Five of us, and knowing me as you do, it by G-d wasn't Immaculate Conception.......

So.....where was I? Bookmark please? Oh Clap, let me read back....dumdumdumdum....OK, got it!!

I have claimed to be a "lapsed Catholic".....not the Truth at all, I would suppose that I am actually quite close to the main definitions of the "word" rather than the Religion.

I think that my going to Baptist Sunday school a few days after Catechism helped me to be more understand......"accepting"?... of other Religions....heck, in my High School days, I was attending the Church Services of the......oh, how shall we say....damm, I sound quite shallow......."The Girl o' the Month".

I went to Mass, Mass, Mass, Lutheran, Baptist, Mormon....oooh, she was "hot".....Mass, Mass, Evangelical....and even mixed in a Friends Bar Mitzvah or three.....never hit the Synagogue itself though...shame....but I didn't know any Girls that went.

So.....yes, I went back to see where I patch.......I have seen, and truly enjoyed , learning about many different Faiths....heh, and girls.......

What has always stuck with me is the Faith in One True G-d. No matter what. I don't "think", and I'm not self important to "think", that I have the answers....we will All know.......later.....

I end up going back to, and feeling comfortable with the things I learned from Grandfather and the Sar'Major. My Dad didn't....heck, Hasn't gone to Services of any kind in fifty years, claims he "gets" G-d every time he walks outside.

Grandfather spoke to Nature.....and it spoke it only can to the Peskotomahkati, "People of the Dawn".......My basis, I suppose, is Christianity....I think J.C. had it going on.....but, I refuse to discount other things....

Does any of this make any sort of sense at all?

I'm obviously in a "mood". Not bad, mind you....just a "mood". I'm much to old to change my religion for a "girl" of the month.....heh, there will only be One more, but I'm in a decidedly faith investigating mood........mine, not yours.

Although....I guess I'm not All that Catholic. I do not care for the Muslim religion. I do not care for it at all.....

May G-d bless you. And yours, and Mine.....He has already blessed me.

Deus Vult.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Well, I believe God made us to want the Good.

Part of the good is knowing what's true, even if it hurts short term-- and the highest (possibly most annoying, too) is knowing God himself.

I think people are made to be hungry for God.

I'm a not-very-good Catholic, myself, in the traditional sense-- Roman sect.

Gotta agree on Islam. Knowing the history of said religion rather enforces that view.

cry_alone said...

Wolf, I think you are on the right path. One G_d :) and i dont find it odd that you appreciate all faiths. G-d created the earth and everything under it. the "word" says all things praise Him" so if they do, then could we in turn have comuniion and communicate with all things too? and praise nature as well as G-d.
hey, i'm goin gon a tangeant here too... :)

cry_alone said...

I understand your feelings on muslim religion.... ruth my best friend became muslim a year ago....i worry for her. but i had no ide you had catholic roots...hmmm....
God bless

Rambling Rose said...

Oh, Wolf, that's a question I could fill a book on. Suffice it to say I grew up Catholic - raised my children Anglican - went without a formal religion for a lot of years - now am a member of the United church.