Sunday, October 5, 2008

NEWS FLASH........

Newbury Park, CA
5 OCT 08

Teachers Dog Eats Students Homework

I kid you not. You might by this point know that my Lady Dragn is a Teacher at the Local Middle School.

She brought homework along to the Lair to grade for Monday, and left it in her pack on the dining room table, thinking it safe at that height from the inquisitive nose and vorascious puppy jaws of the Uber Dog.

She was correct to a point. Dog is much too clumsy to get to the prize. But not so, the evil mastermind Kitteh, Ransom. They work in tandem. Kitteh got into the pack, pulled out some of the more tasty looking morsels of homework, and passed them down to Uber for him to perform his magic.

End result of their mischief and teamwork is this "Man Bites Dog" story.

Dragn has to go to school tomorrow and explain to her Class got it....

"Umm...errr...the Dog ate my Homework......"

I think they call this Irony.....or ironing....or sumpin' like that.
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We have all heard this story before but NEVER from this angle!heh