Sunday, October 19, 2008

Same Sunday.....Tuckered Wollf....


Wow....maybe I'm getting a bit old for these trips.....1200 or so miles driving, Helldorado in Tombstone, two visits with the Sar'Major and Momma, visit with number two Sis Carla, visit with Lil Baby Brother and his loverly, a beer or two with my Best old inside joke, a swing by the most Beautiful Catholic Mission in all of creation....and I'm not kidding, the tension of "checking" on how my Parents are doing at 87 years in the home I grew up in, trying my best to keep the Cubs engaged, having fun, learning and not killing each other....all in three short days......

Could not have asked for a better time.......and lotsa stories, mostly good time ones, a bit of angst 'bout the Folks....and I promise they're coming up....with pics...holy smokes, I have some pics.

Wolfie the Younger and Bigger were in Fine and Frivolous Form. Dragn.....bouncing between Den Mother, Gunnery Sergeant and Silliness, was a joy to behold. She was well received.....aww heck, I'll tell you all about everything in the coming was a Hoot.

*real writers call that "foreshadowing" and setting the "hook"*

Yeah right.


cry_alone said...

i'm hooked! can't wait to hear what and how everythign went!!!! glad u had a good time together y'all. :)
take care :)

K T Cat said...

1200 miles? Ouch. So which one is the best Catholic mission? I want to go see it, too!