Thursday, October 16, 2008

Had some unexpected visitors last night.....

I had gotten off the freeway on the way home to the Lair, wound through the neighborhood, and as I was driving by the local Extended Stay Motel, I noticed a few more vehicles in the parking lot than usual.....

You've all probably heard that General Santana....the long dead murderer of Texans, has awakened from his slumber in Hell for his yearly visit to his old stomping grounds of California.

Yup, the Santa Ana winds are back and bringing the Generalissimos' fiery revenge with them. I guess we have to deal with it. The Army we use nowadays to control his flaming imperialism is a bit more uniform than the Texas Irregulars that did it the first time.

But, they're every bit a valiant as Davy and Sam and Jim, et al......

The fires start, the call to defense is cried, and They come. To risk their lives for us. From all over.....big cites, small towns, paid and volunteer alike. That's why I'll always love this Country, and also, by the way, the reason why it is not a "healthy" choice for anyone to disparage Firefighters in Wollfs presence.

Check it out.....there were many more.

Thank you to all those who defend and serve, whether it be with a gun or a fire hose, a bloodhound or a shovel.

Oh......and "Joe the Plumber" from mention in the debate last night? You the Man. *A forearm to the forehead would have been nice, but I respect you playing fair*



DammitWomann said...

That's a nice pix tribute to our fire fighters! Thanks!

Stepperg said...

Very nice. Thanks to my nephew and cousin for being two of the many.