Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweet Georgia Brown........

Away from Politics.....I'm about sick up to Here.

In case you didn't know, both Wollfie the Elder,(formerly known as Bigger Wollfie), and my Dragn are Percussionists...fancy word for drummers. He being the "Quad" player with the High School marching band, and She being the Band Director at the local middle school.

Yup.....she was Wollfie the Biggers teacher two years'd almost think I planned it....nope. But, anyway, I ran into this and thought they'd get a kick out of it....I know I giggled almost as much as the musicians in the video.

Thus, I give you: Sweet Georgia Brown with Tractor on Percussion:

Heh.....replaced by fifty year old technology.....who'd a thunk?


rthmcdragn said...

maybe Wollfie the Elder and I will compose our own rendition for you sometime..... we're pretty talented, don't yannow?!

Annoyed White Male said...

I can't stop smiling, that is great!