Monday, October 13, 2008

Another reason to watch TV.....

When I allowed TV in my house....those "married" days...there were a few shows that caught my Fancy.....and an elusive, ADD Fancy it is....24, House and for a while Lost.

Did you ever see the unedited version of the season finale last year? Now I understand why editing the final film is so important in putting out exactly what the Director wanted for effect.

Make sure you have enough volume to hear the dialogue......

*Wollf runs, jumps off porch and hightails it for the hills.....tries to avoid tauil stomp*

Heh.....Happy Halloween Season!!

1 comment:

rthmcdragn said...

good thing i checked this out AFTER a certain Wollf left the Lair this morning for work, or my screech would have brought him running back up the stairs......... ur such a brat! kissy-kissy