Saturday, June 28, 2008

To Sven in Colorado......

Yah, Nineteen and Sixty Eight
Life running at the speed of a freight
Train, flyin' by like a Bakersfield express.
I s'pose you wouldn't guess.
But I was also around back then,
Chasin' Girls, but then again,
Although I had my passion,
And although it was in fashion,
I calmed down.

My Sire took us to San Francisco,
Campin', makin' cakes all filled with Crisco..
To the place that called him Home.....
Cuz, cousin, even thogh we roam,
We all gotta go back there,
Just a moment smellin' that old air...
Show our kids from whence we came
The roots of our loss or maybe fame....
He just frowned....

I tell stories a lot,
But believe it or not.
And this really is true...
As my Oath is to the RW and Blue,
He grew up on the corner of Ashbury and Haight
Myself and my siblings thinking it great,
Psychedelic people, not a one with a care
The sweet smell of grass, heh, filling the air
"Hippy clowns"......

And then he said
"They're better off dead.
They just don't know,
And all that they show
Is their lack of knowledge.
Even though they've been to college
They don't ever take a shower
Don't they know that 'Knowledge is Power'?
Let's skip town......"

And that was our trip to the Sar'Majors home town of San Francisco....naked and "nekkid" folkes running up and down, carrying peace signs and posies and smoking and shooting and he was Pissed.

He really grew up in the three bedroom apartment above the Drugstore on that famous corner........

Yup, he was right....Knowledge IS Power.

H/T to Sven, I hope you heard our toast today.
Semper Fi....and Eff Phoenix, they stole our Capital.



Anonymous said...

Its not stoopid poetry.

Its a lively, heart-felt response, syncopated rhythm and rhyme.

Thank You!

Mary Ellen and Terry and Eddie...
They are great people. As are the good Colonel, "Sir, yes sir" MCPO, all the rest....

Hells bells, most all the Porch Monkies are well read in some discipline, and well read in Civics and Constitutional history.

These are the kind of folks who, with the good Lord's help, will be instrumental in saving this Republic.

I am truly jealous of y'all, being able to meet and share food and drink and eye to eye conversation.

More later.

-Sven in Colorado

Anonymous said...


I can't recall the specific style which you used to put this together.....DAMMIT!

Nine lines per stansa, each doublet ryhmes and the last line reaches out in ryhme with its brethren.

Shit.....Now I have to research.


Dammit Woman said...

Nice blog Wollf

Sven - you were missed today and "Yes" you were toasted *smirk*

Stepperg said...

A wonderful time was had by all.