Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just the way I'm thinking........

Just sose yannow.....I Believe that what we, as in the USA, are doing in Iraq is a Good thing. I don't waste my time contemplating the politics of why we're there. I Believe in my Country. I Believe, that although flawed...yah, I know.....our POTUS has issued a Mission that needs to be completed.

Something that bothers me greatly.....Anti War activists....not at all because they hate war. I HATE war, and Death, and Injury to any People, but because they, or at least all the ones that we hear from, distort, and spin the Facts.

Including, most assuredly, the Main Stream Media.......

We are constantly bombarded by "body counts", "bring our troops home", et cetera forever.

Yes, the Mission is dangerous.......duh, Way Dangerous....our Men and Women understand that. They are Warriors. They CHOOSE to be there, protecting you.

But yannow something? It is not as "suicidal" a Mission as you have been led to believe. Politics Folkes.......only a slice of fact.

You....yes You, are in a war zone yourself. Let's spin this a bit differently, and bring it home....and yes, I grant that I'm spinning a bit, but the facts are the facts....I've included links.

Wollf and his, live just north of Los Angeles County Kalifornia. Relatively peaceful, in fact the #4 safest city in the Country.....*heh...I live here, do not eff with mine*....but....L.A.?

103.........MURDERS.....since January of this year. That is People being killed, in One County, of One State, of our entire Country. 103. Truth is at....

183.......American Troops, of all Branches have been killed in Iraq in the same time period.....In an entire Country, in a declared War Zone.........Yup, the Facts are here at.....TROOP DEATHS IN IRAQ
It just seems to me that we as Citizens, have to put things into perspective once in a while.....I mourn every Death of one of our Warriors.

What pi$$es me off is the way that our own home grown violence is ignored, while our losses "over there" are over played.

It ain't that bad Folkes.

We're winning over there.

We oughta do it here, eh?


Rose said...


DammitWoman said...

UH.....Wow..... that's a new spin I hadn't even considered. Thanks Wollf......your insight and depth is something many of us count on.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

What you state is and always has been true. Conversely, all Iraqi/Afghan deaths whether of insurgent, civilian collateral or terrorists killing of civilians is invariably attributed to US military causes by the "peaceniks" in the MSM.

aA said...

And most Americans walk around oblivious to the fact that "home-made terrorists" in baggy pants and South Pole shirts are likely sizing THEM up for the next or future victim.

But if WE have a weapon, we're nuts.

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