Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is a Wack World......

WTF......between cloning hair as being a "Huge" discovery, the Space Station doesn't have a place to poo, Amma dinnerjacket calls "US" the Satan and says that Israel is going to die, the Democratic frontrunner is an inexperienced, placating, White Man hating Socialist, the FLDS has decided to ban "underage" polygamous sexual relations, a picture of some drunk rat bastard plowing through a crowd in Mexico, dudes smearing Preparation H on their bellies to get "The Look", Hulk Hogan's sissy a$$, don't wanna pay the Piper son, the fact that I am falling deeply and permanently in..........

Too much. Just too much.

Gotta take a break.....just tonight, I have to think.......

Aaaaagh, I hate thinking.

I did get a bag of fresh picked cherries, though.

And, I have ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Talk about the law of unintended consequences!!!!

This FLDS event looks to have far reaching consequences not even contemplated by the Nazi Party members in Texas.

1. The feminist liars who claim they care about women and children have been exposed as phoneys and hypocrites. This is good. Everyone with a brain noticed that they did not raise one finger to help those children and mothers. They hate men and want to destroy the dreaded patriarchy. They wouldn't have cared if every one of those kids was killed ... just so long as the kids never went back under the patriarcy.

2. The Attorney General of Utah has been outed as a secret Nazi Party member. This little episode of religious persecution may just end his career and turn his dreams of succeeding Orrin Hatch as US senator to dust. Good riddance I say.

3. The ACLU...yeah...the good old ACLU would not lift a finger. Yeah..yeah ... I know, they ultimately filed one amicus brief after they were shamed into it...but once again everyone with a brain knows the ACLU abandoned those kids in their time of need. Feminst agenda issues at play no doubt.

4. Interest in plural marriage has probably never been higher among the goyim. The FLDS women look like angels with their beautful long hair and long dresses (no make up, no high heels, no low back tattoos-nice!!!) the children are beautiful...and these people pray...every day..and the lord perhaps answered their prayers. This is a big boost for christian religion and monotheism.

5. States may well overhaul child welfare laws to prevent such abuse.

6. The feminst lesbian cult which runs CPS offices nation wide has been exposed.

7. Good American people have come to the painful realization that our nation has been perverted by those entrusted to do right. But they don't do right. they are wicked and evil and serve the devil in countless ways.

Long live the resistance!!! for info.

aA said...

first comment = WOW!

I was going to give you the nite off, but now, sheesh! always, you are insightful and funny and clever. Keep up the insighting and inciting!

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

I am amazed at how many folks are willing to ignore the child rape of FLDS--bad enough that the cult gets away with the intimidation of their members and with the abandonment of their teenage boys, but their own records of rape get swept under? Ugh.

Giving ME the urge to go find some cherries.

I think I'll make due with a little mudslide--chocolate and alcohol, yum!

*gets curious*
Oh, that is rich...Hey, Wollf, the Paulbots must be renting out their machines! The first commenter is otherwhere ID'd--by the identical text of the posts-- as "lorena bobbit jeffs"; googling that name brings up a lot of comments that lead me to suspect she/he is either a member of FLDS or a really odd troll who is trying to make them look crazy bad.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Stay away from the "looless" space station if you eat many of those cherries; at least until they get the loo working again.

Howlsatmoon said...

ff.....dude was on a roll.....he googled for FLDS and found the Lair? Hory Clap. He's got a bit of time on his hands....

And yes, he's from Salt Lake.....hmmmmm