Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is Honor.....?

Honor simply IS. It is best described in my lexicon as a state of Being. Without Honor, I should simply cease to exist. If I have a relationship of any import with another Person, and I realise that they do not after all, possess Honor...they cease to exist to me.

Not physically, silly ones, simply in the metaphorical sense. They mean nothing to me, they cannot harm me spiritually or emotionally.....they cease to exist in that sense.

My Honor, the core of my Being, continues, and although they have ceased to cause me emotional duress, or affect my Honor still requires me to treat them as people.....even though I might wish to rid the world of their ilk.

I have done many things that many People might find distasteful in my life, but always, always ....Honor.

Might Wollf have had a bit of a trying time these last few days? Yup. But I am making it through.......with an amazing amount of support from the Dragn. XP is being a bit of a pain.....but the Cubs are back, and Life is moving along......

I thank G-d every day, and many times a day, for the absolute magic that brought us finally together...

Sorry....felt a bit mushy there.....yuck.

Honor. It is something you have. Not something you can fake, or put on and take off at a I said it IS.

Merriam Webster: a: a keen sense of ethical conduct : integrity "wouldn't do it as a matter of honor" b: one's word given as a guarantee of performance.......

There is no question. As much as I am "annoyed" with the actions, and sometimes "inaction's" of the XP.....I shall treat her with Honor.

Honor is what makes us or destroys us. G-d, I'm sure, becomes more than a bit annoyed with us, His creations......but He stoops to Honor us......hell, He hasn't really come down on our kind since that Big Floody thing with Noah.....

If He can put up with the inane and insane workings of the Human seems that we can put up with annoying, irritating people ourselves......

Dontcha think?
Goodnite, looks like Somebody needs a bit of cuddling....yah, I hate to do it, but it seems the Honorable thing to do........Heh


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DammitWomann said...

Honoring your children's mother is the best parenting skill you can possess. My husband never "once" - in all our years together - bad mouthed their mother to them or to anyone else (other than me). Years later, his daughter thanked him for that. To be sure, what goes around, comes around. Sometimes I cringe when I read your posts because I know that there is always a possibility the kidz will read it. But, again it is YOUR blog. Friends just worry I guess.