Thursday, August 21, 2008

Warning ....Political......Immigration.....Farmworkers....

The FORMER.....termed out Speaker of the California Assembly....spell that one step above an HOA president, has made a "Documentary Film"....spell that Propaganda.....about the "plight of ILLEGAL FARM WORKERS.........

His purpose? To persuade Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign one of his measures, now pending in the Legislature, intended to make it easier for farm workers to unionize. Making the video -- with taxpayer-funded staff and equipment, though Assembly officials say they do not have a cost estimate --(right), was an unusual exercise for a state lawmaker. Their persuasive efforts normally stop at letter-writing.

"I saw this as an opportunity to reach the governor in a dignified way, knowing how he thinks and sees the world," said Nuñez, "knowing that he really feels for the families of those who have died while toiling in the fields."

Lookie here, you pointy nosed, never worked a day in your life, Socialist, Requonquista.......I feel, and I mean FEEL, for the plight of these People. But, G-d dammit, they are here ILLEGALLY......why can't our Legislature GET that?

Yes, they work hard, yes, by and large they are Good People, but yannow what?

They are Peasants...."Peon", in their language, from a third world country here Illegally. Some and I do mean "some", not a small number, of People I respect and care for, are immigrants from the South.......Legal ones, People who have gone through the arduous steps of becoming a Legal Citizen of these United States

They want to be American. To understand our Country, to hold our Constitution as their own..... are a First Class Asshat. You spent My Money on your dream of turning My Country into an extension of Mexico.

Not going t0 happen on Wollfs watch. I will not stand for it. There are a Lot of others, just....well sorta, like me.

Go get a job.....a real job, and stop suckling my teat. Illegals in my Country do not have the right to unionize. Yes, humane working conditions are a must, but G-d dammit......they have one true right.

The right to walk away from heir crappy paying job, to go back South to their own Country, and to fix the friggin' problems THERE.......

I am thoroughly tired of do gooder liberals and USA haters spending my money to change this Country for the worse.....

Bite me Fabian. I do not care for your ilk.

Not one teaspoon full.
*end diatribe*


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Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Here's an idea...Deport all non-citizen immigrants who are criminals.

Include the crime of illegal trespass, IE, those who are here illegally.