Saturday, July 2, 2011

This is the Spirit in which we do this stuff.......

EL PASO, Texas – Comrades helping out one of their own -- it also happens beyond the battlefield.

Members of the United States Army 1st Brigade 2nd Armored Division of Fort Bliss and United States Marine Corps students – who claim to be military branch rivals -- joined forces to help build a new wheelchair-accessible home for disabled veteran Cpl. Daniel Gasca and his family.

The Homes for Our Troops program, which builds adapted homes for disabled veterans, organized and financed the build.

“It’s not every day that you can help out a brother, a fellow Marine, a devil dog, but it feels good to actually have that chance today, and knowing that I’m a part of it, I can take a lot from this experience,” said Pvt. Christian Marten, a student in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Read the rest of this story and watch the video.......

That's one hell of a Thank You! Not something that you or I are going to be able to participate in.....

But, yeah there's ALWAYS a 'but'...... We can help out considerably with just our wallets.

The rest of the Volunteers at Soldier's Angels Valour IT will do the leg work, and then YOU will have helped to change a young Warrior's life for the better.

"Some gave all" why don't we give a little?

Join the Team..... Donate.... just choose. All the info is in the Right Sidebar.

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