Monday, July 4, 2011

The Few, the Proud......

......and some of them need OUR help.

These Men and Women enlist, not as Sailors, Airmen or Army..... they truly are the Few. First in and usually last out.

What's it worth to you that somebody else is willing to take it to the Bad Guys, instead of them bringing it to you?

They are Proud. They are Marines.

Please join the Cause. Join the Team. Or at least Click the Sidebar "Give" button.

Don't make me start sounding like a broken record here Folks. Every little bit helps us get to our goal.

Remeber Post #1? Look at that poster again, and imagine how great it would be if a Hero like him, a Proud Marine, could go to Disneyland with his Family......Standing Straight and Proud.... see where the Segways come in?

No Man wants to be in a wheelchair..... least of all a Warrior.

That is all.

Updates and links as I get 'em....


Thor's Hall has a rousing Independence Day....

Anybody on the Team that would like to assist with sending out daily motivators to the Team Bloggers, please let me know..... My E-mail is in the sidebar, ubder "Want to punch Wollf in the Snoot?"

I'll write 'em, you have the Techiness to send 'em.

Thanks and....

Semper Fi!

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