Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!

.....with ONE more, really, only one....more pleading for fundraising for Valour IT.

I was wrong in calling out some very fine Folks in the last VIT posting. Everybody who even participated, via Monies, Blogging, Prayers or Support deserves my utmost respect.... and I am s......orrrry.

....So, darn it, we are $402 away from meeting the Marine Team Goal of $25k.....

Would you give a little more? Then, I promise that I'll shut the hell up. We can do it.

I do want all you Great Folks to know that I appreciate your efforts. Sometimes, well, I was raised by the Sar'Major, I'm a bit on the USMC born and Bred....Direct side.

If you still have a little bit, please donate. Let's get this thing over the Marine Goal of $25k.......

Love you Folks! Go.......

UPDATE: of 2000hrs this day, the Marine Team has exceeded their goal and are at $25,137.00.

Most Excellent my Friends..... Yes, I can be an overbearing Pr$%k, at times.

I am Sooooo proud of you Folks... I will sleep well knowing that Fine People like you are out there.

Thank you!!!!
Thanks again, and Semper Fi

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