Thursday, July 14, 2011

Final day of Valour IT.....

..... and a little disappointed at the fundraising and involvement this go around..... I'll get over it, at least we raised 'some' monies for the Warriors.

Here you go, the original TV Marine....good old Gomer, is going to sing you a song.....

Sha Zaaam, he's good!

Updates on fundraiser last day, from Chuck : 0700: $39,564
0800: $40,664
0900: $42,309 ....all Eastern Time..

Over $50k !! Keep it up.......

Reminds me..... I gotta go give some monies!

Semper Fi






K T Cat said...

I didn't know they did this. I'd heard him sing before and his voice is fantastic. It's great that they worked it into the show.

Anonymous said...

"and a little disappointed at the fundraising and involvement this go around..... I'll get over it, at least we raised 'some' monies for the Warriors."
I'm so sorry you feel that way, Wollf. I have worked with the Marine team for several years and never found them to be wanting in enthusiasm. They work hard.
When this particular fundraiser happened, after I helped you get the team set up, I gave you some very good advice about how to get the job done. You didn't take any of it. And while I know how hard and frustrating it is to do fundraisers like this, I would never say what you've said here about a team. Leaders don't do that. Leaders lead and then let the chips fall where they may after giving their all to something.
There's no pointing fingers after the fact. There's no need because you know you've given your all as a leader and you can hold your head up high.
Marine team veteran of 4 years.
Co leader for two.

Howlsatmoon said...

Mea Culpa Carrie..... I hear and understand. I was disappointed, and srsly, more in myself than the Team. Many of the Folks that joined the Team went all out for the Cause.

A couple didn't.

Not my job to critisize. You're right.

Please, if you will, contact me directly.... "Want to punch Wollf in the Snoot?" on the top sidebar.

I'll send you my phone number, and we can discuss, so that I'm not as overwhelmed next time around.

As I said, Mea Culpa
Semper Fi

Flag Gazer said...

I was disappointed that the team leader for the Marine Team - the team I have been on since the beginning of ValourIT - did not bother to contact former team members and let them know the date change and encourage participation.

It was more than hurtful to be left out - and, I wasn't the only one you left out.

But, to gripe about volunteers is really beyond the pale.


Howlsatmoon said...

Flag Gazer..... I will take the blame for not contacting you directly, BUT, and this is not an excuse, as I have Never asked to be excused, You weren't on the list of Former Marine Team members.....

If you had been, I would have given you a warm welcome.

I have never done this before, my Innerwebs skills are less than average, and I did the best I could.

Fundraising was 'lagging' going into the last day, and I sent off a message of.... well, Directness.

I am sure that my note was not the turning, some Big Time Bloggers joined the Cause, and the tide turned.

Thank G-d for that.

If I am asked next time to be included,I will request more information on just Who has been involved before.

And, by the bye.... a couple Folks, were obviously too busy to do a daily Blog.

Everybody, I think..... who joined the Marine Team is on my Blog List.

Howlsatmoon said...

And by the bye..... We, that's mostly YOU, have exceeded our $25k goal.

Thank you.

Keep it up.