Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chris Muir----- Day by Day......

.....Is most Definitely one of Wollf's FAVEs.

That would be why it's linked 'day by day' over in the right sidebar.

Funny, Sad, and downright to the point, it is.

Chris does this for a living, and the Characters that so many of us identify with and care for, survive at the mercy of our donations.

So...... follow the Linkie thingie, and donate. As my Dear Innertoobs Friend Rose says, "It's cheaper than a subscription to TIME Magazine".

If I could just get him to draw "Zed" with the goatee sans moustache and sideburns, I'd finally have a Cartoon Doppleganger.....srsly!

Keep 'em coming Mr. Muir, you are So appreciated!

Day By Day


PS......Really,, I'm going to resume Blogging in earnest. I promise.


chris Muir said...

Sent ya something.;)

Rose said...

Amen. This is one thing I am more than happy to subscribe to and support!