Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who'd a Thunk it.......

You go respect for you just went up a couple notches.....

*everbodies......Finger, healing. Been a month since the unfortunate event, but it's still there, have feeling in most of it....frustration is fairly high.

Don't see the Medic until 18 JULY.....arrrrgh.
Got this removable half cast, Iron Man looking thing protecting the through bolts, and it is NOT predisposed to doing anything....let alone typing.

Good thing is....looks like I'll keep it for sure.

Thanks for the prayers,


K T Cat said...

I loved that video.

Robin Shelley said...

The first "real" concert I attended was a Kiss concert at the Oakland Coliseum back in 1970-something featuring Gene Simmons & his tongue. The best part for me was the opening act... Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band! As you said, who'd a thunk it?!! Money well spent, apparently.