Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So, my Buddy says to me......

....."i've got an idea for something to do today......"

Yeah Baby!


ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Great video. Due to your blog template (like mine) the right side of the image is obscured. This can be fixed by determining the percentage of the screen not allowed by the blog template and reducing the width in the html script of the embed code. By reducing the width value (in this case "640") by the percentage of screen lost, the video will fit the narrow column in the template. The height value should also be reduced by the same percentage to keep the image from being squeezed. This old fart had to learn this by trial and error.

We hope that the pinkie is mending satisfactorily. Our best to Dragn and the wollflets.


rthmcdragn said...

way better than my sky diving adventure..... sure would be fun to try at that height..... NOT!

aA said...

i peed my pants just a little.

NOT REALLY, but had I been on that precipice, they'd have had to throw me off of it! Would not volunteer to do that on porpoise!

Hope yer digit gets better!