Friday, June 11, 2010

Remember the Movie Red Dawn from the Eighties?

....Ok, maybe it was a bit more of an adolescent male movie....but I loved it.

It's Re-make is in Post Production with the Chi-Coms as the bad guys and a bit of "Obama-esque" referencing......

Oh, it's Gonna be good fun to watch the Lib-press freak out!

Blog-Buddies.....pass it on.

The whole story with some really special behind the scenes photos is right HERE

Go Thou and read.......



cry_alone said...

TOTALLY not just an adolescent male move its one of my faves!
I can't wait...OOOOO,
part of me is worried they'll ruin it :(
i wonder if they'll kill em all off in the end or show the survivors making it to safe territory...i hope not. i liked the story the way it was... :-)
love the pic!

Rose said...

I don't know how you EVER remake Red Dawn - it's such a great movie. I hope they don't wreck it.