Friday, June 11, 2010

Looks as though Ol'Wollf..... gonna keep the finger that I alluded to, and which REALLY puts a crimp in my blogging.....

I've got, courtesy of M'Lady's predilection to photograph Everything, some very explicit photos of the post-op.....I won't post them unless I get some requests.

In the mean time, keep yourself busy wondering if there just might be something to those stereotypes we all cling to....

Today's lesson....Asian Drivers. Worth a watch, and yes, I giggled once or serious injuries what I could see....but how to you wreck head on at five miles per hour?


1 comment:

aA said...

Ooh, I wanna seee! As long as some of them drivers/pedestrians/cyclists show their wounds as well!

Yeah, I hopes your finger fully recovers. Been thinking about you lately.

Besides, I am a graphic artist by trade, you wouldn't shock me!