Friday, February 12, 2010

....And I, for one, am Not going to take it!

.....Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday, which used to be a big deal. But since George Washington's birthday (February 22) was made a floating Monday holiday in 1971, Lincoln's birthday has combined into it.

Totally unfair to lump all of the Presidents into one day........We as Americans have been fortunate in our History to have a number of Great Presidents.....and unfortunately, quite a few, well, er......not so good ones.

In honor of Honest Abe's Birfday, here's a Video that M'Lady and I did last year or so...the music is the Army Glee Club...enjoy...oh, yeah, ol' Wollf did all the photography.

Speaking of "good and not so good" Presidents.....Assignment= Your Fave and worst of all time in the Comments.

From the tilt of this blog, I have some ideas about the "worst"......
Now Do it.


aA said...

Nice pics! Nice Music! Tough assignment...not much time to think, but you know that my two worstest are Obama and Carter, then Johnson, then FDR, and that's as far back as I go...for now.

FDR is not as bad as the others, but I don't think he was as great for this country as they want us to think!

Dino said...

But look at it the way the teachers do in at least one district. They get Lincoln's Birthday off with pay. They get Washington's Birthday of with pay. AND they get "Presidents Day" off with pay. All in the shortest month of the year.
Last year they had a day off for which the kids could not explain. I looked it up: Al Capone's Birthday.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Your assignment is an easy one: worst president (so far) is Woodrow Wilson. On him we can we can blame the income tax, Federal Reserve and the lion's share of the causes of WW II.
Best president is also a (one term) Democrat; James K. Polk. We can thank him for all of the southwestern states due to the "unjust war" with Mexico and the settlement of the Canadian boundary dispute with Britain . He also vetoed the Public Works bill for Wisconsin which was unconstitutional.

The TelePrompTer jesus is however bent on wresting Wilson's "laurels" from him.