Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Please Remove the Fork........

Because I Am Done.....with worrying about our President Elect, and what his Policy really P.O.G.s.....

Yup, very own made up acronym.....*it's a military thing, forgive me*...

Pissed Off Gays. There, I said it. Call me a Homophobe, intolerant, a Bible Thumping Sumbitch.....I don't care. Because....I am not.

I am simply, completely tired of crybaby, didn't get my way in the vote by the People, POGs.

You lost. *This Time*.....You want to lessen your chance of overturning Prop 8? Just keep up your disruption of Church Services, keep getting your faces, in full on Flaming Regalia, out on the nightly news and the Internet.....knocking over Little Old Ladies.....freaking People out.

Pay attention here, I'm srsly trying to help.....

Prop 8 was my most difficult choice in this election. I really am ....well, in My eyes, better than "Tolerant". You see.....I don't give a fat rats a$$ if you want to be "married". That's your problem....or "joy", or whatever you want to call it....

Bring the doom on don't want to be "married" want "RESPECT".

You are not getting it by your actions. You made a "lifestyle" choice....not to be Gay....but to be in CHE....the revolutionary....make sense? Normal People...and I mean Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Straights....AND Gays....think that you are Maroons.......

I enjoy things in my Bedroom that you might or might not like. Guess what?

IT IS NONE OF YOUR FRIGGIN" BUSINESS!! It's not a "Lifestyle" to Normal People. It's a Physical Element of our Love for our Partner.....Why is it so hard for you to get that?

I am done with you. Because of your silly a$$, whiney, throw rocks mentality. You are just hurting yourselves.

How did I vote? None of your friggin' business again....but NEXT time? Because I'm tired of looking at your sorry selves making a mockery of People that I hold Dear?

Next time I'm voting AGAINST....Extremism.

Get a Life, Fools, and realize that Straight Midstream Folkes don't hate you because you're Gay......they distrust you because you're Ghe.....POGs......Extremists...

Do it the right'll get more support.



DammitWomann said...

Some days it is better to just open the mouth and… say nothing. (Stolen from Boudicca's Voice blog)

I'll just leave my comment(s) at that.

*respect has NOTHING to do with what they're asking for*

K T Cat said...

Let's see here. We have a political movement of grown men who want to live together with no other responsiblities and then get a certificate from the rest of us telling them how wonderful they are and how they're just like the rest of us, the ones who create the next generation of humanity.

When they don't get their way, they behave like spoiled infants and throw temper tantrums.

Surprised? I'm not.