Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey Dragn........

......I can't seem to find that friggin' Turkey anywhere........

I know, I know.....I lose stuff all the time.

Happy early Thanksgiving!! We're road tripping again to Tucson, see the Baby Bro and the folks for a sit down dinner. Should be a great time....except for the drive of course, we'll cut out of here this afternoon and stay at the Condo in Palm Springs overnite.....cuts the trip down to a manageable distance.....

So, what are you thankful for?

I've got a whole friggin' list this year, including, of all things.....the divorce. Last year at this time, from re-reading, ol' Wollf was still a bit of a mess....but now? Not even a little....had to re-evaluate some finances, tuck in the belt for a bit, but come January....those hurdles will be over and I'll be contemplating new investments.....

So, my list:

Cubs......and Grand-cubs.....heh
Friends....both old and new.....both "met" and "Internet"
Prosperity....which I work hard at.

Oh...and before I get a "forearm shiver", (should never have taught Dragn that one).......

Uber *dog*, Ransom *cat*, Bob *fish* and Habibbi *bird*........

The Folkes I've met....sorta.....and the Ones that I've met in the Real World, are treasures to me, the anger, laughter, love and caring is a touching thing, whether I "know" you simply by your comments here or at other "homes", or whether they are Regular readers.....

Whether we've exchanged e-mails, or phone calls, or made the effort to see each are all Treasures to me.

SondraK, Stepps, Cuchieddie, DougM, MiT, Ponderergirl, Paints with Words, Walks with Wolves, Rose, Kt Cat, Leonidas, Fran, Denny, Geezer, Claire, TUA, Rodger...the Real King of France, Robin, Jill, Frank J and Harvey, V Rowe, Dennis in the wasteland of Ohio, MCPO Airdale, Lawman, Jim the Newspaperman, Foxfier, Mike the Marine, the Armorer, Dammit Woman and Linda.....there are bunches more, forgive the ADD forgetfulness.....

Thank you Folkes for making my Life a better place to've all in some way contributed to where I am today, some of you in amazing fashion, which is a pretty damm good place to be.

Oh, and most of all? I am thankful.........ah, you know. Dontcha?
That is all.

*Thanksgiving message complete*
Begin stuffing your Turkeys.......if you can find the damm thing......?


cry_alone said...

((hugs))) hope u r enjoying urself wolfie :)
and wolfie, I am thankfule for ur firendship too... dunno how i clda gotten thru all this life junk without walking with the wolves :)


K T Cat said...

The happiness in your posts recently makes me smile. God bless you, Wollf.

Rambling Rose said...

Wishin' I had read this back when I was going thru those "trying times".

Just want you to know that it was talking back and forth with you that helped me get my feet back under me in 2007 - back when we first "met".

And DW, too, God love her.

Tis internet is an amazing thing, isn't it? Imagine being able to strike up friendships with people you have never met in person - people you carry in your heart wherever you go.