Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I get more e-mails than I know what to do with......

.....and sometimes they fit right into the current Blog meme.....get a load of this, and yes, because it's Internal USMC, I've redacted the names......

Cpl. REDACTED...I have attached some photos of our Wounded Warriors West, Operation Mountain Freedom for 2010. We take our Marines to Mammoth Lakes for a winter program and summer program, the program restores confidence and teaches skills, regardless of the condition. Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra provides a wonderful experience for all the Marines who attend. They give each wounded warrior a scholarship to ski for life for free.

If you have a chance, would you pass this along to the Commandant. Thanks, REDACTED

Some pics from Steve Colwell,who was wounded in Nam as a 2nd LT. He works with these kids all the time.

Now.....enjoy the uplifting pics of Marines who never give up.....and click that little GIVE button on the sidebar. Now, Jackwagons!

My State of Kalifornia just re-elected the same bunch of Liberal Nanny-State Morons as in the past and I'm angry.

Make me feel better and click the Button. I'm becoming unpleasant. The old MOS is rearing it's ugly head......

Weren't those fantastic?

An aside, seems that my Boss is flying a group of them up to Mammoth in the next few weeks.

Semper Fi, Boss!

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Carrie said...

I just love that there are events like this!!!