Thursday, November 18, 2010


......doesn't happen nearly as much as it did in the 'beginning' of this if knowing a bit more of ol'Wollf bothers you......


To whit: It's been rather rough on me physically since Memorial Day when I rather without thought removed my left pinkie finger.....then had it hard on the physical therapy.....then six weeks ago, forgot how old I was and removed the end of my left thumb, fracturing it in two places in the process....

I now have about seventy-plenty mobility in the hand as a whole. My career as a hand model is rather verklempt...... Darn, I was planning that for my retirement.

So....where is Wollf right this moment?

Sitting in my Family room, next to the fire, Lil'Wolfie just started Black Ops....for him a Game, for me, well let's just call it a 'movie'.

I'm a 'bit' concerned about how I'll deal with the supposedly realistic graphics.

I may have to call "PAUSE"....and take a bit of a break.....The dogs are curled around me, the fire is roaring, my Darling is out to a Parents' meeting, and I need to pick up Wolf the Elder....hell, he's eighteen years old now...his real world name is Max.....from work at 2000 hours.

Then he's doing an overnight and heading to Sacramento for a Drumline competition.

*They will win*

So......all in all, been married to my Lovely wife for about a year and a half now, and I Love her more than I did at the beginning.

Pray for me, or just wish me luck that I don't screw up the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me.......

Going to see my #2 Daughter and the Grand Babies on Saturday.....Yay.

Oops..... Black Ops is looking kind of familiar.....gotta go and give advice to the future Marine.....doesn't have a clue about sniping.



Rose said...

Love ya, Wollf.

Howlsatmoon said...

And right back at my Humboldt County friend....We have simply Got to get up there....maybe the spring...

aA said...

Sounds like it's going along well, for ya Buddy! You're deserving of all of it.

Make sure the young 'un becomes a good sniper...and a good man. Just also make sure he keeps his digits. You're not being a very good example in that department lately!

Glad for you, Wollf!

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...


You're one of the most... navy-ish internet friends I have.

I'm really not sure what that MEANS, it's just that you somehow are in the same section of my brain that has the guys I spent lunch break and the after-work time with at sea.

That included a decent selection of the "mens department" of the Navy, so your dignity is intact. ;^p

Try to avoid chopping off digits, so I don't have to get a copy of Dragon: Naturally Speaking for you, k?