Monday, March 8, 2010

Water leak -- Read before seeing video ~ Unbelievable!


Jennifer and Jim kept getting huge water bills. They knew beyond a

doubt that the bills weren't representative of their actual usage and no

matter how they tried to conserve, the high bills continued. Although they

could see nothing wrong, they had everything checked for leaks or problems;

first the water meter, then outdoor pipes, indoor pipes, underground pipes,

faucets, toilets, washer, ice maker, etc, all to no avail.

One day Jim was sick and stayed home in bed, but kept hearing water

running downstairs. He finally tore himself from his sick bed & went to

investigate, and stumbled onto the cause of such high water bills.

Apparently this was happening all day long when they were not at home.

Knowing that few would believe him, he taped a segment of the

'problem' for posterity! Now watch the video!

....Now a lot of you Folkes have heard me crow about my Kittehs using the toilet instead of that nasty smelling litter box thing.....

And on ocassion, I have wished that they flushed also....

Mebbe I won't go to the trouble of teaching them.....

Idle hand....or paws, are the devil's workshop.

H/T Hopie!


rthmcdragn said...

no teaching panzer or ransom how to flush.... the bill is large enough w. teenage boys showering!!!!

K T Cat said...

A link is on the way!