Friday, March 5, 2010

I Hate monkeys.........

.....and I don't like giving them a voice on my Blog....but ol' Wollf is a reasonable sort, and This was too good to pass up.......

Monkey eluding police can be found on Facebook

WTSP-TV, Tampa, Fla.

Wildlife officers can't find him.

Police officers can't find him.

But apparently, a monkey that has managed to elude capture for months can be found on Facebook.

After being spotted in a tree Wednesday, the monkey, which is thought to be a male 30-pound rhesus macaque, led wildlife and police officials on a five-hour chase. In the end, the monkey remained on the lam.

Pinellas County wildlife expert Vernon Yates managed to hit the animal with a tranquilizer dart. It became sedated and appeared to fall asleep while clinging to a branch in the top of a tree. When a second tranquilizer dart was fired at the primate, it awoke and then bolted from the tree.

The chase was then on as officials tried to keep up with the animal as it jumped from tree to tree. It eventually jumped on the ground and quickly ran from authorities.

"It was extremely agile, like I'm talking Spiderman agile," said Marc Ortiz after he tried tackling the monkey.

By early Thursday morning, the monkey had two pages on Facebook.

One is called Gomonkey Go and was created by St. Petersburg resident Kurt Thompson.

"I have been following the monkey story for the last few months, and I thought he needed a voice," Thompson said. "I thought this was really funny, and my girlfriend agreed."

As of 6:30 a.m. Thursday, Gomonkey Go had 33 friends on Facebook. Thompson's goal is to gain 100 friends in 24 hours.

He's got some competition.

Someone else created a Facebook fan page called Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay.

Early Thursday morning, the page's status update read: "You think two darts is going to slow me down... Hahahahahah Suka!"

An earlier status update read: "Had a close call today but I move with the quickness......."

Under personal interests, Mystery Monkey lists "primate" as his affiliation, and "bananas" and "messing with the popo" among his interests.

You want to check his Facebook? Go HERE you want to listen in on the PoPo,(that's Cop in young'un language), while they're chasing and he's eluding? Well then, go HERE INSTEAD

At least he's not throwing poop yet.......

LOL, indeed.....Go Monkey!!

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