Thursday, March 25, 2010

Does this make sense?

Ok, maybe it did.....the majority dems "found their b@lls" and passed their health care bill....
Eff 'em.

We are not commodities to be regulated. We are not owned. We are American Citizens.

That's what I hate about this bill. Affordable healthcare for all Americans? Of Course I'm for that. But Mandating that I will have healthcare insurance OR be charged $12,000.00 per year as a FINE?

That includes your young, healthy don't want the expense of insurance......I was that way throughout my twenties.....and just imagine:

You're 22 or 23 years old, part or full time college, minimum wage job to pay the bills, and now all of a sudden you're MANDATED to buy insurance that you don't feel a need for.......or the IRS comes looking for you?

Hope and pray that the Supreme Court finds this Unconstitutional, because the odds of having enough Constitutionalists in Congress to repeal this pig of a bill, and THEN to override the Veto that the pResident would sign.....

Well, it doesn't look good that direction, Folkes.

Made me think of something.......

If you don't get the humor in that, it simply can't be explained.


cry_alone said...
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