Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Morning Zen Meadow......

After the events of last evening, where I'm questioning "just a little", the rhyme and reason of the Universe, I dug this up.

There is beauty in everything and everyone.....sometimes, it's just below the surface....

Behold a flooded meadow.....doesn't look too nice on the surface.....

Pray, if you do, for my youngest daughter. She has a problem.


cry_alone said...

hey wolf,
you're youngest is in my prayers. hope all works out!
take care!

cry_alone said...

a flooded meadow.
when the rains come in our lives
all we see is the mess
if we stop looking at the mess,
we will remember
that there is treasure,
even in the darkness.

aA said...

I will pray for your cub. God knows the details.


Rambling Rose said...

Today I will add her name to my "prayer garden" where she will receive prayers every day at least until the end of May.

I recently experienced for myself the very real "power of prayer".

With Love