Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pop Quiz !!!!!!!

Everybody put away your books, take out a number Two pencil, and Begin.....

1) In the Picture below, we see that Dragn has:

A) A New Haircut.
B) A New Tan
C) A New Beretta .380 Double Action Automatic
D) All of the Above
E) Other....Note in Comments

In the picture below, we see that Wollf:

A) Has Gas
B) Hates Arizona in the Summer
C) Should park the Truck in the Shade

The Vehicle below:

A) Has a fine handlebar moustashe
B) Should have a horn that goes "MOOOOO"
C) Can ONLY be found in Arizona or Texas

From the pictures below we see that:

A) It's Football Season
B) Lil'Wolfie is playin' the Footsball
C) Damm Cub is growing up Fast
D) Wollf and Dragn are gonna be having a Great time on Saturday Afternoons

*Yes, I obscured Lil" Wolfie's Jersey*

We don't need to advertise to Ever-Bodies just who he is....for their safety, not Wolfies....Refer to Photo # One......

Have a great evening, we're off to Footsball Practice.


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Thank goodness, I thought y'all had sent out to the RoK for the name label!

rthmcdragn said...

would it be considered "cheating" if i answered the pop quiz????

hmmmmm..... are you grading on a curve?

cry_alone said...

i choose to leave a note tot he person grading and say ....
"all of the above for all"
LOL ;-)

wolf, u are right, cub is growing up fast...FOOTBAL? lol, everybody in the wolfs fasmily are all tuff arent they?including those who are in the family by marriage ;-) ~nice gun dragn LOL

Nan said...

Idn't that Boss Hogg's car?