Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Hummingbird.......

I don't know why.....but I must admit, I enjoy it.
Heck, I don't even know how......

This little fella got lost in my garage, and was getting tired, so I caught him, took him out back to the oohs and ahhs of Wolfie the Elder and Dragn, and stuck his little nose in the feeder......

He drank up a storm, got his bearings back and buzzed off into the sunset.

Life is Good.


aA said...

didn't toast it and serve it on toast with a white wine sauce?

you're missin' out, bro!

Lynn said...

Wolf, have you ever heard Sam Bush singing "Howlin' at the Moon" from the CD by the same name. An excellent tune.

I share your love of birds and am currently trying to lure painted buntings to my white millet feeder.

Thanks for a great blog. I enjoy your writing.


Just me said...

Aww. I've never seen one in person. It looks like a miracle.