Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mission San Buena Ventura

Just because it makes me feel good. I'm a semi lapsed Catholic Boy, that has a lot of dealings with the loacl Parishes in Ventura County.

We just got the fixtures....completely restored......back into my warehouse, and ready for reinstallation in the main Mission proper. The fixtures are original, back to the building, originally candelabra, changed to electric in the early 1900s and were more than ready for a bit of tender care.

If you're in the area, the Mission is one of the oldest, and prettiest that I've seen. Take a gander.

Being the "Official Company Catholic" has its rewards.....these things are beautiful....and quite possibly priceless.

Hope the boyz don't drop one.........
That's what I've been playing with today.......

Oh....Eff Ahmadinnerjacket, Iran's head Mullahs and Larry figure out why.

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