Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ain't it a Bitch.......

Can I complain? Not about any of you Folks, but my one "superior" before the Owner, is a Big guy.... 6'3, about 250. A bully. I have never dealt well with bullies. I'm 6', 170......the guy is a demeaning, Draft Dodger, Liberal....... Said, "Lost weight,huh?"......... Nebbermind.

Then he continued..... "You know, your being 'skinny' at your age might mean the Big "C"........ "

He smiled.

I didn't.

I've had this lucrative position, as in very, for fifteen years, and I am really about done with condescending "managers". I told him so, and responded, get this, and enjoy the irony that he didn't get," I'm not condescending.... That's when someone says a word, and then 'explains' what the word means."

I was done.

I asked if he knew what a BMI was, and proceeded..... Mine is 24.25......, perfect normal range. I was then rude, and stooped to his level..... Suggested that he run a height/weight BMI for himself, that he would find himself obese and in danger if he didn't work on it.......

Today, I was an A-Hole.

Good. He feels bad, and I feel a bit better, because I no longer want to hit him with a Baseball Bat.

Five lovely days off now, Friends!

And who frisking cares what any other person weighs......... Just be well.


Foxfier said...

Oh, but it's OK when they do it....

Good grief, what a bunch of nasty ignorance wrapped in claims of caring!

K T Cat said...

Dude! That was quite the comeback!