Friday, April 1, 2011

Alert Issued After Security Incident On Camp Pendleton in the San Diego USMC Base.....hmmm... Not April Fools

One of the nation's largest military bases is reportedly under tighter security after three Middle Eastern men tried to enter without proper authorization.

The three men -- 40-year-old Afghani Ahmad Rahmani Naeem, 41-year-old Iranian Vahik Petrossian and 27-year-old Iranian Sengekdi Norvik Avanosian -- attempted to get into Camp Pendleton last weekend under what was considered suspicious circumstances.

And not once, in one vehicle, but twice.... using the old "I got Lost" excuse.

You have got to read the whole thing.

Nice looking boys, huh?

Interesting aside is that it seems to me that those "sian" ending names are Armenian, not Iranian, which I suppose would explain their "Looking for Glendale" excuse?

I also suppose it made more sense than saying they were lost and looking for Dearborn Michigan.

But..... Not to worry, even though the Base has gone BOLO, nothing to look at here, move along, whistle in the dark.

Couldn't possibly be a dry run, test of security or such.

*And yes, I am an Islamaphobe, especially when it comes to such behavior as this*

Now, scroll back up and read the whole report from the linkie thingie.....
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Andrea said...

Gotta love the last couple lines in the article.... they were found to be of no threat, and they are not looking into the situation any further. No threat.....yeah right!

aA said...

I'm with you Dr. can't trust people that look like they want to do you harm by the way they act.