Friday, February 18, 2011

I love this......but, I'm easily amused.....

The Cubs and I will be playing this game tis evening.......

What are the bets........will M'Lady Dragn,

A) Laugh hysterically.

B) Say that we're Sick Puppies.


Herewith: Cat Bowling!



Roger in Republic said...

My cats love playing with the lazer pointer. Thay are programed by their hunting instincts that they never figure it out. Bowling with a cat is a new twist on an old game, a very funny twist. I'd bet that the Mrs. will be laughing her self silly just as I was after watching your video. Looks like good clean fun to me and I am a cat lover.

Rose said...

LOL- Can't wait to try it! (I vote for BOTH) LOL

K T Cat said...

I loved that one, too!