Friday, October 29, 2010

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DoD Alert: Marine Marathon Could Be Target

Senior officials are worried that the person responsible for at least three military-related shootings near the nation's capital could target Sunday's Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, saying in an alert Friday morning that the recent shootings "are a cause for concern" and could be build-up to a Sunday attack.

The FBI has confirmed that the same weapon was used in three recent incidents: one shooting more than a week ago at the Marine Corps Museum in Triangle, Va., one two days later at the Pentagon, and one earlier this week at a vacant Marine recruiting station in Chantilly, Va. The FBI is still trying to confirm that a fourth shooting Friday morning is connected.

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And what the hell is up with the suspiscious packages on the planes.....Real problem by our Enemies, or a back door October Surprise....We need our Gummint to protect us?


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