Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well...ol’Wollf did it again.... Anybody remember when I removed my left pinkie on Memorial day? Didn’t think so...well, update is that $130k later, it works and has feeling....yay...but....

Guess where I spent 3 hours today?

Urgent Care. Same left hand, this time the thumb, broken in 3 places, 14 stiches, a new cast, and I get to see the Surgeon again on Monday.

I am a 5th degree blackbelt, I ‘consider’ myself very coordinated, but....well yannow?

Crap, the embarassment. One or two prayers would be appreciated.........

Truth be known......I am a Master Tenth Degree KLUTZ!!!!!

Tim Taylor anyone?

Pictures on request, it's not as bad as the Memeorial Day incident, thank G-d


Rose said...

Wollf! dammit! Knock this shi-ite off!

aA said...

put. down. the. power tools. and. back. away.

direct pressure, vicodin and shackles should keep you safe for a while.

So sorry to hear about your paw, please get better soon!