Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Vote is coming up……..

Here’s my un-asked for Conservative opinion for Californians:

With great thanks to KFI radio for the hard part. SoCal? Listen to 640AM in the afternoons on your way home.

Proposition 19 - VOTE YES
Legalizes Marijuana Under California but Not Federal Law. Permits Local Governments to Regulate and Tax Commercial Production, Distribution, and Sale of Marijuana. Initiative Statute.
Hey, am I still a “conservative” Blogger now? The benefits outweigh the risks. Tax the dumb Bastids that smoke the crap, let the Feds go after the evaders. Worked with the Mafia didn’t it?

Proposition 20 - VOTE YES
Redistricting of Congressional Districts. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
Turns over drawing congressional district maps to the people where it belongs. Gets rid of the guaranteed Districts…Remember, any elected officials’ prime directive is to get re-elected.

Proposition 21 - VOTE NO
Establishes $18 Annual Vehicle License Surcharge to Help Fund State Parks and Wildlife Programs. Grants Surcharged Vehicles Free Admission to All State Parks. Initiative Statute.
A car tax increase to “fund” parks? You already pay for that with your other taxes. Besides, we probably have too many ‘parking attendant’ Rangers as it is.

Proposition 22 - VOTE YES
Prohibits the State from Borrowing or Taking Funds Used for Transportation, Redevelopment, or Local Government Projects and Services. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
Just trying to head off feeding the Sacramento spending beast. If the coffers are dry, they can’t spend more money…basically they want to steal money already earmarked for projects that benefit the private citizenry.

Suspends Implementation of Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32) Requiring Major Sources of Emissions to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions That Cause Global Warming, Until Unemployment Drops to 5.5 Percent or Less for Full Year. Initiative Statute.
Stop the Global Warming Final Solutions Act. This one costs our Employers, Big, Medium and Small, so much in retrofit and permitting and fines costs that they will have to start thinking of downsizing. Remember, Employer= Good. Bureaurocrat= Bad.

Proposition 24 - VOTE NO
Repeals Recent Legislation That Would Allow Businesses to Lower Their Tax Liability. Initiative Statute.
Sacramento, leave businesses alone for your tax grabs, cut spending, lower taxes.

Proposition 25 - VOTE NO
Changes Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass Budget and Budget-Related Legislation from Two-Thirds to a Simple Majority. Retains Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Taxes. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
However they try to sell this, changing the 2/3 vote for anything except a tax cut would be a mistake.

Proposition 26 - VOTE YES
Requires That Certain State and Local Fees Be Approved by Two-Thirds Vote. Fees Include Those That Address Adverse Impacts on Society or the Environment Caused by the Fee-Payer's Business. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
This time a “yes” vote fights tax increases.

Proposition 27 - VOTE NO!
Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting. Consolidates Authority for Redistricting with Elected Representatives. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
The political Democratic hacks put this on the ballot and are contributing big time to stop the people from drawing their Legislative and Congressional districts – don’t let them!

Clip and Save, Cut and Paste....e/m to your Friends. We have a State and a Country to take back.




aA said...

As purty as your state is, the state of affairs that it's in is really scary.

Good luck, conservatives!

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

How about Cali starts to sell some of those @#$@# parks?

My great-grandfather didn't give them all that land so they could lock it up and keep folks from even RIDING on it!