Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Corporate Stupidity...... amok.....

God Squad told to cease-and-desist
Virus infected your computer? Call the Geek Squad.

Temptation infected your soul? Ring up the God Squad - just don't expect Father Luke Strand to show up in the car he's been driving since his days in the seminary.

The young priest's attempt to add a little fun to his ministry has apparently run foul of some corporate lawyers who care more about strictly enforcing trademarks than eternal salvation.

Best Buy, the Minnesota-based electronics retailing giant, recently sent Strand a cease-and-desist letter concerning his car. The black Volkswagen Beetle has oval door stickers that read "God Squad" in a logo very similar to the black, white and orange logos on black-and-white Geek Squad Beetles driven by the computer and electronics trouble-shooters.

The car has been around for at least two years, when it was featured in a photo of Strand and his then-colleagues at St. Francis de Sales Seminary. The car has a white square on the hood, to mimic a priest's collar, and the license plate reads, GODLVYA.

See the whole dummass story HERE

And by the way, Fellow Catholics, the first line of this Blog...."Virus infected your computer? Call the Geek Squad."????



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Lawman said...

Bah! I wouldn't shop Best Buy if they were the only retailer left in business. I won't get into the rant on how many ways I detest that despicable dishonest unethical company.

This story is just one more reason to boycot their miserable existance.