Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day.........

.......Or Native American Day.....or Italian People's Day.....or Indigenous People's Day......or Fall Day....or whatever the hell you want to call it.

I'm of the age where we learned that "in Fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue".......

Never heard any of the enslavement and torture and genocide that the hippie looking Chris did to the Ancestors.

Seriously don't want to hear about it now either.

If the Italians want to have a parade.....go for it. I won't give Honor to a murderer of innocents,(Columbus), but I think we have to understand that the parades, and the Holiday itself, no longer Honor C.C.......more the "Discovery" of the Americas....

Even though the Vikings were hanging with my Ancestors up in Newfoundland and Maine about three centuries before........

So, why am I writing about this?

Simply the absurdity of where our legislators have taken this holiday thing. We have a holiday for almost every day of the year.....and probably some one protesting each of them.

Just look at October.......

Other holidays in October 2009 in United States
International Day of Older Persons (Thursday, October 1, 2009)
International Day of Non-Violence (Friday, October 2, 2009)
First day of Sukkot (Saturday, October 3, 2009)
Feast of St Francis of Assisi (Sunday, October 4, 2009)
World Teachers' Day (Monday, October 5, 2009)
Child Health Day (Monday, October 5, 2009)
World Habitat Day (Monday, October 5, 2009)
World Sight Day (Thursday, October 8, 2009)
World Post Day (Friday, October 9, 2009)
Last day of Sukkot (Friday, October 9, 2009)
Leif Erikson Day (Friday, October 9, 2009)
World Mental Health Day (Saturday, October 10, 2009)
Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah (Saturday, October 10, 2009)
Columbus Day (Monday, October 12, 2009)
International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (Wednesday, October 14, 2009)
White Cane Safety Day (Thursday, October 15, 2009)
International Day of Rural Women (Thursday, October 15, 2009)
World Food Day (Friday, October 16, 2009)
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Saturday, October 17, 2009)
Diwali/Deepavali (Saturday, October 17, 2009)
Alaska Day (Sunday, October 18, 2009)
Alaska Day (Monday, October 19, 2009)
World Development Information Day (Saturday, October 24, 2009)
United Nations Day (Saturday, October 24, 2009)
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (Tuesday, October 27, 2009)
Nevada Day (Friday, October 30, 2009)
Halloween (Saturday, October 31, 2009)

Oh, that reminds me....gotta go buy candy.

By the way, on International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, do we protest earthquakes and wildfires here in California? Sounds rascist to me.

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