Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dear Media.....

Who in the hell came up with this new title "AltRight"?

Screw you. BLM, SJW, etc, name their  groups. I'm not a part of a group, except happening to be an American, a Vet and a Patriot. We don't hold meetings or go to protests as a group or because we're told or paid to do so.

We are Individuals, loosely connected by our realistic idealism.

Yup, I'm becoming riled up. You will see few opinions here, just facts as I can fathom them.

G-d Bless America.


Cries Alone/ walks with wolves said...

Wollf I hear you. I'm in Canada and just because I'm not for tearing down a bunch of sir John a Macdonald statues I'm being called a racist! Wtf! What's going on in the US has made its way to Canada. I'm scared. When I'm labelled as racist because I don't agree 100% and I am against historical sanitation.

Cries Alone/ walks with wolves said...

Ps: I'm all for teaching the ugly side of our history and sir John a Macdonald. I just don't beleive in tearing down statues and white washing everything pretending it didn't happen.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...


Thought I'd drop by. Long time not hear from you. I have come out of my hiatus and try to get a posting up daily (mostly reposting as the old brain is slowing down in my 81st winter). Stay in touch and I'll touch base with you on the next trek to the Peoples Republic of KKKalifornia. No face book but email still works.