Monday, January 2, 2012


Well, how have my Invisible Friends been? It's been since November that I

I made it my one New Years resolution to begin Blogging again. I think I need it.... no, not as in the Beginning when I started this, when I NEEDED it to keep myself..... Things are good now, Married to the most wonderful Dragn, Family doing well... just no angst in my life, "Knock on Wood".

The youngest Female Cub is getting back in our lives, a scheduled dinner at the Lair once a week, Daughter #2 is within visiting range with the GrandCubs, Eldest Son Wolf the Elder is gainfully employed, in College and a really good young Man, and Lil'Wolfie... well, he's not so "Little" anymore.....

The Lair is full of fun and work and furry or feathered or....scaly Critters. Going out back is a bit of an expedition if only one of us goes. There are simply not enough hands that our Lord gave us to satisfactorally pet the fox, Lab and Saint at the same time.

And they want their petting at the same time..... (sarcastic "oh Woe is us"....)

Moved and settled in to the House, now Home that Wollf created. Dragn's sense of style is just like mine, we're 'rather' minimalist, leaning toward Art Deco Modern, I suppose.

Outside is good, excepting my continual Mission of ridding the yard of evil gophers.... they are a mini version of a Zombie Apocalypse.... Kill one, and another pops up.

Inside, it really feels like Our Home. Dragn had no problem in creating a "no Color" scheme.... well excepting Red, which I can see..... color blind, remember? Our color visioned Friends who visit say it looks great, so I am thankful.

In explanation, the Family Lair is three walls of a deep brick red, and then the whole home rolls through shades of black, greys and soft whites.

Wow, that was boring.......

Anyways, Wollf is back and will assail your senses once again with my rather off kilter observations.... enjoy or not, I can't worry about it.

OH!!!! Here's a little one.

We probably have the only home you've ever visited that has a Guest Bath downstairs with a prominent sign above the toilet theat reads:

Please Leave the Seat UP!

Remember, our Prodigal Kitteh is back home after 8 weeks in the wilderness.... He uses the toilet, no Litter in the Lair.... but if the seat is down?

If we're home, he'll complain LOUDLY! If we're not and missed it?

We don't want to go there....


Now, welcome me back.

Love you Folks!

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