Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Wonderful Life.....

Just a bit more on the personal updates.... then maybe I will abuse some politicians or other bottom feeder.....but first:

Youngest Daughter is coming to the Lair on a weekly basis for dinner. A most enjoyable time. At the Lair, Dragn is the Princess of the Kitchen. She doesn't want help, need help nor mostly appreciate me being in Her kitchen.... excepting Holidays....

Anyways, her position at School requires her to attend a Music Director's planning session this evening that overlaps with our scheduled dinner......

She appreciates my help in readying the suaree'.

She left me, and e-mailed me some very helpful 'instructions'to get 'er done. The Lovely Dragn is a little bit OCD, and here is what I received:

There is a LOT of laughter in our Home.

Thank goodness for the photos. My ADD might have sent me to the laundry room for the enchiladas..... and now I know to search the Lair for a window sill with fruit on it!

*Old running joke and a shout out to my longest time Faithful Reader, Rose: While I was rummaging in the refrigerator for the enchiladas, guess what I found behind the milk?*

My Car Keys.

Be good People and enjoy your Life half as much as I enjoy mine.


Rose said...

I KNEW IT!!!!!!

livescore said...

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K T Cat said...