Saturday, March 19, 2011 you wanna see........

....our newest edition, added to the, uh.....Puppy?

Well here the little fellow is, playing with a chew toy. Didin't have to buy it spescial, and it should last a while.......a day or so at the least.

He is actually quite a gentle fellow, has some puppy quirks, the jumping up is being cured, and very important, he's humongous.

By the way, that "BARK" at the end? Well that would be Tiberius, the half Desert Fox, half Chihuahua...... He's turned out to be the Alpha Dog in this menagerie....

Who'd a guessed?
Be well, go 'Zona in the NCAA's..

Love everbodies,


Rose said...

Love St. Bernards! They are THE cutest puppies ever. He's a nice big bruiser. LOL He's not gonna like the heat though.

K T Cat said...

He's going to be HUGE! I love it!


ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...


Your blog template does not allow the full screen to be viewed, therefore much of the action cannot be seen. The video code shows an object width of 640px. If you edit it down to about 500px or less, the entire video screen will be visible. To avoid distortion, the height value of 390px will also need to be edited downward to about 305px. The video screen will be smaller but all of it will be visible.

Bring Mongo when you visit us in Prescott next month :o).

Anonymous said...

Don't bother changin the video...if anyone wants to see it, just double click it a couple times and it goes full screen and shows the whole DOG!!

It's a Biggun!