Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.....So a "What are they Doing Now?".....

....Segment.......and this one for my Lovely Spousal Unit M'Lady Dragn....her favorite sporting event......

....But Hershel Walker? The Bobsledder?....well he did "something" before that....

Even Herschel Walker's mother apparently isn't too keen on her son's latest competitive venture.

"She's been praying that they wouldn't find an opponent for me," the former Heisman Trophy winner and mixed martial arts novice said with a broad smile. "Even though she wants me to do it, she's been praying that they don't find me an opponent."

So much for divine intervention.

Walker's MMA debut was finalized Tuesday when Greg Nagy was announced as his opponent for the Strikeforce card to be contested Jan. 30 at the Florida Panthers' arena in Sunrise, Fla.

At an age -- 47 -- when most NFL players have long walked away from that violent sport, Walker is 2 1/2 weeks away from entering a realm defined by armbars, neck cranks, choke holds and tapouts.

"MMA is the No. 1 sport out there for me," said Walker, whose self-challenges previously have found him doing Olympic bobsled and even ballet. "I love competition; I don't want to lose at anything. I'm a little bit older, but I love competition."

Well, good luck with that, ol' son.......


SRSLY, Hershell Walker?

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aA said...

Well, I fear that before too long, it will be "Herschel LIMPER"!