Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentines Day and Saddam Hussein.....

Indulge me. Completely unrelated, but I write sparsely.... Trying to fix that so that I don't disappoint my two Fans........

First, St. Valentine showed his presence today. Karla figured some delightful, as in teary eye inducing gifts........ First, she set up my iPod to play through some nice, really nice, speakers, neat water/color and bubbles that go with the music.

Had The James Taylor song that I sang at our wedding. " Something in The Way She Moves"...... Yes, sceptics, yes I can sing....... Then She framed and mounted two of Blessed Heather's Diplomas.... Mounted now by her Flag..... Sweet.

Secondly, I went to our local Little Market to get some beer.... The young Fellow behind the counter, I refer to as "Er Habbi", is a Syrian Coptic Christian, whose Family escaped the Iron Fist of Assad.

I "Wrote Up" my purchase yesterday, so he asked me if I wanted to get off the "Shit List". ( I forgot my wallet).

I offhandedly proclaimed to all,"Yes! Take me off off the Shiite List! I want to walk on the Sunni side of the Street."

Seems that is VERY funny to Coptics.

Then this seriously Fine young Man Asked me a question that makes my mind tweak....

"Wollf, my new Country has Idiots in charge. Wasn't the Middle East more stable and better off with our own Despots? Saddam, Assad, Khomeini?"

"They didn't murder Christians and off shoot sects in wholesale slaughters.....?"

I had nothing to say.......

Maybe we should have bombed the Shiite out of them and then left well enough alone.